The benefits of a website for your business


With more and more consumers shopping online and researching online before shopping in store, if you have a business and do not have a website you are at a real disadvantage.

This post outlines just some of the benefits of a website for your business.


1. Online presence.
A lot of people these days research online before they make a purchase or engage someone to provide a service for them. Having a website can bring credibility to your business while at the same time allowing you to show potential customers what you have to offer, show off some of your previous work and even post testimonials from previous customers.

2. Interaction with customers.
Your website can act as a platform for interaction with customers. You can add a blog and include videos, audio, live chat, forums, and podcasts. All this can help generate interest in your business and create a connection with customers and potential customers.

3. Simplify your business.
Your website can help make life easier for you and your customers. Things like an online booking system can ensure that your services can be booked and payed for by anyone at anytime of the day without you needing to be available. A website can also allow you to sell your products 24 x 7 without the need for you to be present.

4. Growth opportunity.
Having a website gives you the opportunity to reach a larger market. For example, with the correct SEO strategy, people who might have never heard of your business will be able to find you when searching online for the services you offer. This gives you the opportunity to grow your business beyond your locality.

5. Lead generation.
When you have a website you can ask people interested in the products you sell or the services you offer to leave contact information. This can allow you to create a list of potential customers who you can then contact. For example you can put a newsletter section on your site that allows people to sign up for regular emails from you. Also you can have a contact section on your site where if someone, for whatever reason doesn't want to phone you they can fill out a contact form with their details and you can then follow up.


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